Sports…a welcome distraction

Last weekend, I attended a softball game.  My mind was in need of a distraction and the game was a perfect solution (though I would’ve gone anyway).  I love when there is good, fun music to get fans ready for a game.  I’m sure it is there to help players loosen up and relax as well.  So, the game got underway and I tried to pay attention.  My mind began to wander…but then I heard the crack of a bat, that beautiful sound every coach likes to hear and my attention was immediately brought back to the game.  If I’m not mistaken, the hit came from one of our OU players.  I smiled and thought, “that’s what I’m here for…” 

I love how watching sports can do that to a person….take all the unnecessary distractions out of the way and put you in a whole different frame of mind.  For me, it’s a good one….I love when I get into a game…love that I want to scream at the top of my lungs when my team wins or lose.  I love seeing a team celebrate gracefully…walk off the field or court knowing they’re representing something other than themselves.

My family, aka “The Griswolds”

My family will embark on yet another adventure next month.  From the moment there is a hint of a vacation, the anticipation begins and we all silently say to ourselves: I smell adventure.  Ever since I can remember, our family trips have been memorable.  While the places such as Yellowstone Park and Denver, Colorado create scenic backdrops for pictures…it’s who is traveling and how we get there that create the memories.  For instance, while driving to Chicago one year, my Mom crashed the luggage carrier into the “low overhead” area of a hotel.  A while back, my Dad drove what felt like 40 mph over speedbumps so that we could catch a ferry…only to find out that once we reached our destination, we were quite low on gas (also known as reaching E). 

I love traveling with my family though because it is always an adventure and I have a great time.  There’s at least one time where my sisters and I start laughing so hard, one of us has tears streaming down our face.

I’d be curious to see if anyone’s else’s family relates to mine or the Griswold’s….

Pulling Together

I love that with my family, we pull together no matter what…we pull together when there is an illness, someone had a bad day, whatever the case may be…we stay close.  Our family has a great time together and can always get through the tough times…and thus, I feel it has made us stronger individuals.

Great movie

Sometime late last year (I think around December), I was in Blockbuster in search of a good movie.  I tend to go over all the “New Releases” first before individual sections.  As I scanned the various titles, waiting for the right one to leap out at me…I found The Note.  I flipped the jacket over to read about it and was instantly hooked.  For those who haven’t seen it, I won’t ruin it for you…but will just give you a glimpse.  I’m blank on actor & actresses’ names, but it’s about a reporter who stumbles upon this note she found by site of a plane crash.  She makes it her mission to find the recipient of the note and reports about it in her column.  During this search for right person, she grows close to a colleague.  Anyway, it’s a really nice, clean story.  This past weekend, it aired on Hallmark along with a sequel, The Note II: Taking A Chance on Love which is equally good.  I recommend them both to anyone who is in need of some comfort food via DVD…  I have a feeling you’ll have same reaction as me…


Does this whole thing with Brett Favre bother anyone else?  He’s retired, he’s not retired…he plays for the Jets, he’s not playing for him…I can’t keep up with him.  And I heard the other day that he wasn’t still in the game for money, but revenge….seriously?  Now, the latest is that he’s not coming back to play…..okay, I’ll hold my breath and see how long that lasts….sheesh!

This time of year…

We are coming upon the time of graduations-a time where young people are about to take their next step in life.  The step may be to college, to the world of work or maybe it’s a step away from it all.  For some, it may be a time to reflect on what is it they want to do with the rest of their life.  A part of me envies that freedom, but yet I still know that my destiny still lies within me….it’s in my hands.  It’s up to me to decide what I want to do…that’s a pretty cool feeling.

For those that are graduating, be it from high school, college or graduate school…my hat is off to you.  Go leave your mark on the world…and don’t forget to leave the world a little better than how you found it.