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My family, aka “The Griswolds”

My family will embark on yet another adventure next month.  From the moment there is a hint of a vacation, the anticipation begins and we all silently say to ourselves: I smell adventure.  Ever since I can remember, our family trips have been memorable.  While the places such as Yellowstone Park and Denver, Colorado create scenic backdrops for pictures…it’s who is traveling and how we get there that create the memories.  For instance, while driving to Chicago one year, my Mom crashed the luggage carrier into the “low overhead” area of a hotel.  A while back, my Dad drove what felt like 40 mph over speedbumps so that we could catch a ferry…only to find out that once we reached our destination, we were quite low on gas (also known as reaching E). 

I love traveling with my family though because it is always an adventure and I have a great time.  There’s at least one time where my sisters and I start laughing so hard, one of us has tears streaming down our face.

I’d be curious to see if anyone’s else’s family relates to mine or the Griswold’s….


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