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Sports…a welcome distraction

Last weekend, I attended a softball game.  My mind was in need of a distraction and the game was a perfect solution (though I would’ve gone anyway).  I love when there is good, fun music to get fans ready for a game.  I’m sure it is there to help players loosen up and relax as well.  So, the game got underway and I tried to pay attention.  My mind began to wander…but then I heard the crack of a bat, that beautiful sound every coach likes to hear and my attention was immediately brought back to the game.  If I’m not mistaken, the hit came from one of our OU players.  I smiled and thought, “that’s what I’m here for…” 

I love how watching sports can do that to a person….take all the unnecessary distractions out of the way and put you in a whole different frame of mind.  For me, it’s a good one….I love when I get into a game…love that I want to scream at the top of my lungs when my team wins or lose.  I love seeing a team celebrate gracefully…walk off the field or court knowing they’re representing something other than themselves.


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