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Words in a song

One of my favorite Celine Dion songs is ‘If That’s What It Takes.’  It talks about doing absolutely anything and everything for someone.  While I can relate to caring so much about a person, that I would do anything for them, I want to go a different direction for now.  When I hear that, step back and think about doing whatever it takes to achieve a dream or even an ordinary task.  Some of the lines include, “I will stand like a rock.  I will bend til I break…until there’s no more to give, if that’s what it takes.  I will risk everything.  I will fight, I will bleed.  I will lay down my life, if that’s what you need.”  To me, it doesn’t have to be about a person…it’s about taking on a challenge.  How far are you willing to go to reach your full potential?  What will you do to improve your surroundings, both personal and professional?  I see it as a challenge….and I’m ready to do ‘whatever it takes.’


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