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Life’s ups and downs

I love that in life, one day you can’t wait for the end of the day to come….to be away from work and all the distractions.  Yet the next day, it’s just the opposite and nothing can bring you down.   But that’s just part of life….you have ups and downs and because of them, you’re a better person.  You learn how to better handle the ‘downs’ and relish and enjoy every minute of the ‘ups.’ 

Today I learned, once again, that God has the right plan for us.  We may not always understand it or the timing of events.  God has a way of telling us ‘let me handle it for you’ and then ends up giving us blessings that add so much to our lives. 

Life is a journey of these ‘ups and downs’ but it’s the people you meet and encounter along the way that make the journey all the better.


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