The Tim Tebow Superbowl Ad

I first heard about the upcoming Tim Tebow Superbowl ad about a week ago via Fox News.  Now, while I’m a Sooners fan…I’m first and foremost, a fan of innocent lives.  I’m a fan of giving babies a chance to live. I’m a fan of giving women the right to choose life.  I’m unapologetic about my pro-life beliefs.  With that said, I commend Tim Tebow for speaking up about this issue that I hold dear to my heart.  I respect him and his mother for not letting politics get in the way of sharing their story.  I’m not a big pro-football fan…but I like watching the commercials that air during Superbowl game.  I look forward to seeing Tebow’s ad and will be proud to stand with him when it comes to being against abortion.


Calm after the storm

It took about 3 trips down to my car to get it de-iced.  I was very proud of my $5 scraper…it actually did a good job.  Each time, I would scrape and whack the heck out of the ice until I couldn’t feel my feet.  I’d then head back upstairs, take off my shoes and put on a new pair of socks.   Just a little warning for those who may be wondering…the combination of windpants, ankle socks and tennis shoes is NOT the best outfit for walking in snow.   I was kicking myself for not buying a pair of boots before today.  Nevertheless, that was my outfit.  The process of de-icing my car didn’t come without embarassment…I fell a few times, each time laughing it off.  I’m not laughing now though as my back got the worst of the falls.  

It is now 8:30 and after stops at Kohl’s, Target and Walmart…I now have a pair of boots.  Sure, it was probably stupid to go out when the roads are still filled with ice and snow, but it still felt good to be in my car and be in control of something.  I’m now home and feeling reenergized….like I’ll actually get something done before the weekend is over.

Waking up

Due to the ice storm a few days ago and cold temperatures, our cars are obviously iced over badly.  So, today I woke up to the sound of scraping by someone trying to de-ice their car.  It is the same sound and action I”ll be doing sometime today.  I didn’t really care to be woken up by this sound at 6:30 a.m. though.  It’s Saturday, where the heck to people have to go that early?   I understand it’ll take a while to get one’s car ready….but it didn’t start off my day well.  I threw off the covers and flipped on dimlest light in the kitchen so I could hit the ‘On’ button to get the coffee going.  Granted, I’m normally a morning person so getting up early is not a problem…..but the key is on my own terms.

Today’s musings

As I write this, we’re in the middle of another ice and mini-snow storm.  We only worked half a day and have tomorrow off.  I came home armed with work that I could do.  My work bag has stayed right where I put it down….how long will it stay there?  Who knows. 

On the way home, I stopped at the store.  My main mission was to get bread but I soon had in my hands popcorn, chips and a sappy fiction book.  I’ve now been home a few hours….the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ is playing in the background and I’m snacking on the popcorn….and no work has gotten done.   I’m okay with that though.  My fidgety impulse comes to a halt each time I look out the window and see the sleet falling.  I can’t help but smile and be calm.  I love watching the layers of white accumulate on my porch.  I open my door and feel that brisk burst of cold air.  It’s refreshing.  I’m in sweats and a long sleeve shirt.  So what if I don’t get any more work done today….the article I have to write or papers to grade can wait a day.  Right now, I’m going to enjoy the moment.

A test of patience

Yesterday the OU women’s basketball team was playing the Kansas Jayhawks at home here in Norman.  I’m learning, and was reminded recently by a co-worker, that fans (nor any player or coach in the Big XII) can’t  take any team for granted…no matter their record.  Kansas is one of those teams. Their record doesn’t do them justice.  They don’t go away and are not intimidated by a team such as OU.  For the first 5-8 minutes or so (possibly longer), it wasn’t looking good for the Sooners.  The refs were having a field day with calling fouls.  Within no time, we had multiple players with one foul.  It was many of those, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” calls….where you wonder what the officials were seeing that you weren’t.  Luckily, that didn’t go on forever.  The Sooners kept shooting, kept fighting…and before long, they started clicking.  Someone once told me, “Patience in all that you do.”  I realized the importance of that yesterday especially.  The fans never gave up either….the moment finally came where we stood after a timeout was called, cheering and clapping to show our pride.  The next time a foul was called, it was on Kansas.  The officials began making up for the poor choices from earlier.  What Kansas thought was a clean play was a foul on them…feet weren’t set, someone didn’t get there in time….block wasn’t ‘all ball.’ 

The girls went on to lead and held the lead for good.  The win gave Coach Coale her 300th win….she’s not one to dwell on numbers, milestones….she immediately credited everyone around her and those who had been a part of the program. 

Patience is a great virtue.   When teams are patient, the little things they do shine.  The defensive stops, the steals, diving for loose balls…waiting for that right shot.  Being unselfish.  Patient teams become successful teams.

The no phone pledge…

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Oprah and her ‘no phone pledge.’  It is a pledge that people take to not text, check e-mail or use their phone while driving.  Today’s Oprah show only talked about it for the last 15 minutes or so but made reference to the whole show being available for viewing on  I just finished watching it.  I had to pause it a few times because I was crying, saddened by the loved ones lost because someone was driving and talking on the phone or texting.  I’m as guilty as anyone about this.  My Dad has told me numerous times, “Hon, if you’re driving, we can just talk to you later.”  I would always brush it off as if it was no big deal.  I can handle it.  That stops now.  A line that was said over and over again during the show, “that e-mail or call can wait.  Nothing is that important.”  It is so true.  The next time I get in my car, my iPhone  will stay in my purse.  I know I’d be tempted if it was just sitting on the seat or somewhere I can see it.  I have checked e-mail while at a red light and talk all the time while driving.  It’s simply not worth it.  When I saw those faces of children that died, images of my niece and nephews flashed through my head.  I couldn’t function if anything happened to them.  Again, I started crying.  Life is too precious to waste on a stupid text message or phone call.  You should feel the same and spread the word.

Owning up to actions

Today I ran late for work….I hate when I do that.  Why is it when we know we have to get up, we keep hitting the snooze?  It’s the easy, but lazy thing to do.  Ironically, I do say that I’m a morning person.  It is the time of day when I have the most energy…just tend to not use that energy very efficiently.  There’s always an opportunity to change that though….to make the most of one’s time.  I love when I don’t hit the snooze 15 times and throw the covers off with a zest for seizing the day.  I used to set my coffeemaker to start at a certain time.  I got lazy with that too.  I’m going back to getting it ready at night.  I’m going back to not hitting the snooze.  Lastly, I’m going back to starting the day off well and on the right track…no excuses!