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A few laughs go a long way

This morning I had a conversation with the same friend who was responsible for my posting last week titled ‘A simple gesture.’  I love when someone can just change your mood or lighten your day with their personality.  This friend did that for me today.  She used sarcasm to make me laugh and it was funny because I’m used to being the one being sarcastic and causing others to laugh.  I’ve  been replaying the conversation over and over in my head and each time, I still laugh as if she and I were on the phone right this minute.  I love having people like that in my life…I’m blessed.  Everyone needs humor to help them through the day.  I like to think that I’ve had the same effect on others as she did me today.  I love making others laugh and having that good timing of inserting a line that cracks people up. 

So I say to my friend, thanks….I owe you one.


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