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Owning up to actions

Today I ran late for work….I hate when I do that.  Why is it when we know we have to get up, we keep hitting the snooze?  It’s the easy, but lazy thing to do.  Ironically, I do say that I’m a morning person.  It is the time of day when I have the most energy…just tend to not use that energy very efficiently.  There’s always an opportunity to change that though….to make the most of one’s time.  I love when I don’t hit the snooze 15 times and throw the covers off with a zest for seizing the day.  I used to set my coffeemaker to start at a certain time.  I got lazy with that too.  I’m going back to getting it ready at night.  I’m going back to not hitting the snooze.  Lastly, I’m going back to starting the day off well and on the right track…no excuses!


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