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The no phone pledge…

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Oprah and her ‘no phone pledge.’  It is a pledge that people take to not text, check e-mail or use their phone while driving.  Today’s Oprah show only talked about it for the last 15 minutes or so but made reference to the whole show being available for viewing on oprah.com.  I just finished watching it.  I had to pause it a few times because I was crying, saddened by the loved ones lost because someone was driving and talking on the phone or texting.  I’m as guilty as anyone about this.  My Dad has told me numerous times, “Hon, if you’re driving, we can just talk to you later.”  I would always brush it off as if it was no big deal.  I can handle it.  That stops now.  A line that was said over and over again during the show, “that e-mail or call can wait.  Nothing is that important.”  It is so true.  The next time I get in my car, my iPhone  will stay in my purse.  I know I’d be tempted if it was just sitting on the seat or somewhere I can see it.  I have checked e-mail while at a red light and talk all the time while driving.  It’s simply not worth it.  When I saw those faces of children that died, images of my niece and nephews flashed through my head.  I couldn’t function if anything happened to them.  Again, I started crying.  Life is too precious to waste on a stupid text message or phone call.  You should feel the same and spread the word.


2 thoughts on “The no phone pledge…

  1. Thank you! I watched the same show(s) and I pledged too! I’m sure you’ve figured out what I’ve realized now too — it’s actually not that hard to stop! Listening to the radio and enjoying some real “ME” time in my car is actually a good thing! Somehow this benefitted me more than I realized! Nice post! Thanks!

    • Yes, it’s definitely goood for some ‘me’ time. I was bad one day but yesterday when I went out (especially in the snow and ice), I left the phone alone. I’d hear the noise of a new text or e-mail and just keep driving. It’s so stupid to try and do both and I will make a sincere effort to be more consistent with following through on pledge. I think we all need a reality check now and then…at leasts I do, ha! But you’re welcome, nonetheless.

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