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A test of patience

Yesterday the OU women’s basketball team was playing the Kansas Jayhawks at home here in Norman.  I’m learning, and was reminded recently by a co-worker, that fans (nor any player or coach in the Big XII) can’t  take any team for granted…no matter their record.  Kansas is one of those teams. Their record doesn’t do them justice.  They don’t go away and are not intimidated by a team such as OU.  For the first 5-8 minutes or so (possibly longer), it wasn’t looking good for the Sooners.  The refs were having a field day with calling fouls.  Within no time, we had multiple players with one foul.  It was many of those, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” calls….where you wonder what the officials were seeing that you weren’t.  Luckily, that didn’t go on forever.  The Sooners kept shooting, kept fighting…and before long, they started clicking.  Someone once told me, “Patience in all that you do.”  I realized the importance of that yesterday especially.  The fans never gave up either….the moment finally came where we stood after a timeout was called, cheering and clapping to show our pride.  The next time a foul was called, it was on Kansas.  The officials began making up for the poor choices from earlier.  What Kansas thought was a clean play was a foul on them…feet weren’t set, someone didn’t get there in time….block wasn’t ‘all ball.’ 

The girls went on to lead and held the lead for good.  The win gave Coach Coale her 300th win….she’s not one to dwell on numbers, milestones….she immediately credited everyone around her and those who had been a part of the program. 

Patience is a great virtue.   When teams are patient, the little things they do shine.  The defensive stops, the steals, diving for loose balls…waiting for that right shot.  Being unselfish.  Patient teams become successful teams.


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