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Calm after the storm

It took about 3 trips down to my car to get it de-iced.  I was very proud of my $5 scraper…it actually did a good job.  Each time, I would scrape and whack the heck out of the ice until I couldn’t feel my feet.  I’d then head back upstairs, take off my shoes and put on a new pair of socks.   Just a little warning for those who may be wondering…the combination of windpants, ankle socks and tennis shoes is NOT the best outfit for walking in snow.   I was kicking myself for not buying a pair of boots before today.  Nevertheless, that was my outfit.  The process of de-icing my car didn’t come without embarassment…I fell a few times, each time laughing it off.  I’m not laughing now though as my back got the worst of the falls.  

It is now 8:30 and after stops at Kohl’s, Target and Walmart…I now have a pair of boots.  Sure, it was probably stupid to go out when the roads are still filled with ice and snow, but it still felt good to be in my car and be in control of something.  I’m now home and feeling reenergized….like I’ll actually get something done before the weekend is over.


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