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Showing up in life

One of my favorite songs by Tim McGraw is “How Bad Do You Want It?”  It talks about wanting something so badly, you have to work for it and ‘lay everything out on the line.’  “Are you eating, sleeping, breathing with that one thing on your mind…” that is something to ask yourself now and then.  As I sat in our basketball arena last night, that song kept going through my head.  I wish I could’ve blasted it over the speaker system so that the girls would hear it.  The other team showed up to play hard and win….we didn’t.  We’d take two steps forward, but then retreat 4.  We were content with not contending shots.  We were content to not protect the one advantage we’ll always have over the other team, no matter height or depth: home court.  I left saying to myself, “they simply didn’t want it bad enough.”  It’s early February and the season is far from over.  It’s time for that hunger to burn in their stomachs for something bigger.  It’s not the next game…it’s now.

This sentiment can ring true for all aspects of life….how bad do you want to do well in school?  If you want to make the dean’s list….you have to taste it, feel it and not let anything get in your way of achieving your goal.


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