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Room full of hope

I attended a dinner tonight to honor 8 individuals in the Oklahoma City and surrounding area that have made an impact on a local level and even nationally.  The areas included were: education, sports, public relations, and communications.  Now remember, I’m a Texas girl at heart so I’m still learning about Oklahoma.  The friend who invited me saw me looking around the room and said, “Some of the most powerful women in Oklahoma are in this room.”  I thought to myself, ‘How cool is that…and how lucky am I to be here.’  There were V.P’s of companies, senior asst. athletic director, marketing and public relations gurus, philanthropists and our own  head coach for women’s basketball. You name it, there was probably a woman there who represnted it.  As I sat and listened to each honoree, I started wondering what I could do to emulate the actions of these women.  They have set the bar high for women in Oklahoma….and because of them, there is a long line of young women who want to try and push the bar even further. 

I walked away from tonight’s dinner with a renewed sense of wanting to push myself.  I love that I’m not done learning yet.  I love that there is so much more I can do.  I love that I’m surrounded by people who have set such a great example for me.  What an incredible blessing that is for me and all those in attendance.  What I know for sure, as Oprah says, is that I have hope in the future.  I know that my ‘horizons have been broadened’ and I will find my place, not only in this state, but in life.  And that is something to smile about….


5 thoughts on “Room full of hope

    • Okay, I was a little intimidated because yes, a part of me was like, “crap, how am I contributing to society?” But I’m still figuring how out I can contribute. Instead of feeling the size of an ant, I am going to try and use it as a way of speeding up my ‘aha moment.’ I don’t want to take too long before I make my mark on the world. Overall though, it wasn’t intimidating and that was one of the neatest things.

      • I’m still figuring it out too. But I love the idea of using it to speed up the “aha” moment. You’re absolutely RIGHT! Great way to look at it. Thanx!

  1. First of all, you are a woman who is a seeker and as such you can follow your own path. Which is what all accomplished people do.

    Your task is simply to do what you do well and with energy and enthusiasm. “Aha moments” come in bits and pieces and add up over time to a point when you realize the Aha.

    Just knowing they are possible will aid you greatly in getting there.

    I have had several of those moments watching you grow in this blog.

    By the way, I like your new blog look.

    • “Just knowing they are possible will aid you greatly in getting there.”

      Roger, I love that line. Thank you for your kind words. You also told me what I needed to hear.

      I’m glad you liked the new look. I tend to change it often but may keep this one for a while.


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