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Lent: giving up or taking on

This year, Ash Wednesday snuck up on me.  It was on my calendar for a while so I’d remember to make mental note to attend service.  Nevertheless, Wednesday morning came and went.  I put some effort into what I would give up and even got my friends in on the task.  We went to lunch that day and even though I half-heartedly picked ‘bread’ as the item I’d give up, I wasn’t convinced.  The end of the work day came and it would’ve been easy enough to get comfortable at home.  I didn’t though and as soon as I grabbed something to eat, I went off to church.  Our priest’s homily hit the nail on the head and it was what I needed to hear.  As Catholics and Christians, we can get focused on what we’re going to give up for 40 days.  At least, that is the case for me.  However, Fr. Boyer discussed Lent in a different way.  Instead of giving something up, think of it as ‘taking something on.’  He’s referring to doing something extra.  Take on a charity, take on doing something for someone else.  Take on something bigger than yourself. 

So, that is what I’m choosing to do.  Sure, it won’t hurt to appreciate some of my favorite foods.  But, I know I will get more out of  doing something for someone else.


3 thoughts on “Lent: giving up or taking on

    • Yea, it was such a simple thing but yet he made us realize that Lent should be a challenge…not take easy road and just give something up like candy, chocolate or whatever. Thanks for comment 😉

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