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Clearing the mind

Tomorrow I have a big event at work…an event I’m in charge of coordinating.  I spent all day looking at my to-do list, crossing things off, adding things, and crossing things off again.  I was determined to take a 2 hour respite from thinking about tomorrow and attend a basketball game.  I double-checked some things and then headed to the basketball arena with approximately 15 minutes before tipoff.  A few vibrations of my phone reminded me during the game that I couldn’t completely remove myself from work.  Thanks to modern technology, I answered a few e-mails while glancing up at the action.  I was hoping to end the day on a good, lighthearted note…with a win.  Did we want badly enough to put a blemish on the record of a so-far unbeaten team?  Apparently not as we simply just didn’t take care of the little things. 

After the game, I stopped back at work shortly.  While running another errand before heading home, I was flipping stations on the radio trying to slow the wheels down in my head.  I paused on a soft rock/pop station just in time to  hear the notes of a song that’s become one of my favorites “The Time of My Life” by David Cook.  I smiled and turned up the radio and sang along as if I didn’t have a care in the world.    I love how music can serve as a nice distratction. 

I have no idea how tomorrow will turn out….I’m just going to show up and hope for the best.


4 thoughts on “Clearing the mind

  1. Dear Mary,

    I like your writing. But I miss you. The you I miss is the one with spirit. I would like to read about the happy parts of your life. The one’s that show your joyous approach to life, love, and the inner child in you that glows when you put it on the page.

    There is a you that takes charge of things and enjoys the challenges of life. When you do that, I love your posts. You are potentially a real winner in life. I would like to see more of that.

    All this may be none of my business. If so, just tell me to shut the Eff up. But I needed to say this to you.

    I want and need your active spirit. Hoping for the best is not enough. Go get the best. You deserve it.


    • Roger,

      I appreciated your comments. Some of my pots resonate with me more than others. I like the ones where I can re-read and feel proud. I know there are others that is simply me sharing thoughts.

      Thank you for your last line about going for the best. I have a feeling I’ll be reviewing these coments more and more…


  2. Mary! Music is a great distraction… I was going to say so much more, but Roger just bummed me out with his comment (uhm, did I interrupt a personal conversation here between my two favs? Regardless, I love the LOVE of it all..kinda cool). But back to you and me, mi amiga. How did it go? What’s the update? Someone once said that 99% of it, was just showing up..so, I bet regardless of how it went, you’ll pull the silver lining it. Hope you’ll write about it! Abrazo!

  3. Nadia,

    Ha! No, you didn’t interrupt any special conversation. I appreciated Roger sharing his opinion. Thank you, as well, for your comments. As always, I love reading them.

    My event went well, thanks. It went better than I thought so that was good. I did ‘show up’ and gave it my all so that’s all I could do.

    Gracias, mi amiga!


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