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Finding the silver lining

My big event was today and I felt all eyes were on me as I was the coordinator of it.  As I shared yesterday, I had no idea how it would turn out.  It’s now been over for 6 hours and I feel relief.  There was no catastrophe.  Sure, there were things I could’ve done differently and better.  The silver lining, despite those realizations, is the support system I had around me.  I had colleagues ask me, “How can I help?  What can I do?”  They wanted it to go well.  They wanted to make sure I knew they were there to help make it a success.  I’m lucky that I have them to rely on…today and everyday I go to work.  They push me to do better.  They remind me that we’re all a team.

One of my favorite quotes that Oprah references from Maya Angelou is this: “When you know better, you do better.”  I know what I could’ve done better, and therefore will do better.  I can be a perfectionist at times….but wth perfection, you are so worried about getting it right, you miss the opportunity to learn any lesson.  You miss the opportunity to improve.  So instead of dwelling on what wasn’t done, I’m focusing on what is left that I can do.  There’s always a silver lining….


3 thoughts on “Finding the silver lining

  1. Way to go, Girl! I knew you could do it! You have the stuff it takes.

    At times I have a problem with perfectionism, but I have striven mightily to kill the beast.


  2. Thanks Roger! I’m glad you approved, ha! It’s about balance to me….doing something right and just giving it your all. I can go crazy to be perfect…so I’m learning to ask for help and just focus on doing it right.

  3. Aaahh! I love that you found the silver lining of a pretty fine event. I tend to search for silver linings only when things go bad. But you’re right: when you know better, you do better. And that applies to everything! Yeah, gotta love Ms. Maya Angelou!

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