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Sometimes, simple is all you need

As I was driving home from work yesterday, my phone beeped.  Even though I shouldn’t have, I looked down and saw I had a text message.  It was a girlfriend asking if I was doing errands.  I replied back that I just finished and was on my way home.  When I didn’t hear back, I called her.  I came to find out her daughter was out and her husband was at a basketball game.  Soon enough, plans for a girls dinner was in the works.  After going back and forth with choices via text messages, we decided on Taco Cabana.  No fancy restaurant, just a simple Tex-Mex place.  And you know what, the food was good and the company was great as always.  That’s one of the things I love about this friend.  It’s the simple things…I can be me with her.  I don’t have to pretend.  I used to try hard to keep friendships…no mas.  I’m keeping it simple from here out.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes, simple is all you need

    • You can’t tease me with that….unless you don’t want to share. If so, I understand. But I do agree, simple is better. Hope your weekend is going well.

      • Oh, my apologies mi amiga! I meant that I decided NOT to go out with this girlfriend of mine because she’s so…high maintenance. I have to always pretend I’m so interested in her drama. I think the problem with her is that it’s always about her. It’s a little much. I like what you said..it’s the simple things. So, it was just easier to stay home tonight, glass of wine, a little reading. Keepin’ it simple!

  1. Oh girl, I know exactly what you mean with the whole drama and pretending. I think you were wise to stay home and do your own thing.

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