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Oklahoma faithful

Lastnight was my first home game for softball to attend this season.  I had told our coach I was determined to make more games this season.  She promised they’d be better this year.  So far, she’s proving to be right.  Earlier in the day, it was gorgeous…maybe in the 60’s with the sun out.  I kept thinking “wow, what a perfect day for a game.”  I attended a pre-game event with other softball fans and clapped as the team ran out of their practice facility onto the field.  I looked around at the group of people.  They’re a group who wants to support OU softball and will stand behind them through ‘thick and thin.’  That’s pretty cool.  When it was time to take our seats, the temperature had already begun to drop.  The sun was gone and it was a cool, crisp 48 degrees.  It didn’t matter to The “Oklahoma faithful” group of fans.  They huddled together in their seats with their blankets and zipped-up jackets cheering on a talented group of girls.  As tempting as it was to leave early with a lead that got more secure as time went on, I didn’t.  I didn’t “wimp out” and stayed until the last inning was over.  I’m proud to be a part of this group…


2 thoughts on “Oklahoma faithful

  1. Sounds like it was a sweet satisfying game! And not just because they won, but because sports is always more than just winning…there’s that pride thing you’re talking about! Congrats!

    • It was indeed. That’s the neat thing about being a part of a big program and around these people…it’s more than just winning, like you said. It helps that I see the athletes in a different way everyday…not just on the court or field. See how easily I can ramble? Ha! Thanks for comment though.

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