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Mission definitely accomplished

Last Sunday at mass, our priest discussed the 3-day mission that was to start that evening and run through Tuesday evening.  As I sat listening, it sounded like something I’d enjoy. I had a moment of realizing I was aging as I always thought of missions as something my Mom attended.  Our philosophies about them are the same…if the priest conducting it gives good talks, the time flies by and it’s so worthwhile.  I had a feeling that would be the case with these missions.  So, Sunday evening came and I sat there engrossed in what the priest had to say.  The material was probably too controversial for some as he got into politics a little but that didn’t bother me one bit.  Specifically, he discussed pride, envy, anger. sloth, gluttony, lust and greed.  He gave clear examples of how we abuse these each and every day….yet also gave us ways of how we can be better people when we realize the consequences of our actions. 

Even though it made for long days, it was so worth it.  I’m really glad I went.  I needed to hear those things.  I needed to be reminded of how I could be a better Christian, a better person.  Throughout the rest of this Lenten season and beyond, I hope to constantly remember the words I heard.  I don’t want to get too comfortable in my beliefs and want to keep pushing myself.


4 thoughts on “Mission definitely accomplished

  1. Wow, I feel even MORE guilty now because I was at church not paying attention at all! Dreaming about a boy… But it was only a couple of times! But I agree wit hyou, I don’t want to get too comfortable in my beliefts either, I want to keep pushing myself. And more importantly, I don’t want to forget why I started going back to church to begin with. It had nothing to do with a boy! Oh, that horrible lust!

  2. First of all, don’t feel guilty….let alone even more guilty. Want to know how many times my mind has wandered while at church? Too many. Girl, I’ll sit there and think about a boy, shopping, what to eat for lunch, etc…anything other than what I should be thinking about. But, that’s why I knew the mission would be good for me. We’re all human and therefore all ‘guilty’ of losing focus. The important thing is to realize it…and you and I have done that.

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