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What Not to Wear

I used to sporadically watch the show on TLC, “What Not to Wear.”  I was lucky if I happen to stumble on it where there was more than a few minutes to go.  I hate when that happens…you come across a show or movie that looks really good…you get engrossed in it and then you find out it’s almost over.  Well, tv shows became a topic for me and a friend when she would find herself home sick or with time on her hands.  She would ask me what’s on and I’d rattle off some shows I like.  Somehow ‘What Not to Wear’ came up and so then I just got on TLC’s website to find out more listings.  Now I find myself texting her saying “our show is on” and she’ll know what I mean.  I found out it is on during the day…every day…not just on Friday nights or weekends.  I guess you could say I’m addicted to it.  Stacey and Clinton are the hosts and do a great job of tactfully (and sometimes when it’s necessary, bluntly) telling people what they should and should not wear.  I love it because I pick up hints all the time….and then laugh wondering what they would think of the clothes in my closet, ha!


2 thoughts on “What Not to Wear

  1. I’m a guy, so I don’t normally watch this kind of thing. But some girl at work once suggested I watch it, so I did. (I think she may have been hinting).

    My usual clothing was t-shirts and jeans. Now that’s all gone (well not *gone* really, just better arranged). I think Stacey got under my skin. 😀

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