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Good sportsmanship…for fans

Apparently, I don’t seem to learn lessons well regarding the winds of Oklahoma.  I was watching stats of an Oklahoma softball game via my laptop before seeing OU down 1-0.  I looked at the screen and thought, ‘oh heck, let’s just go watch.’  I had a turtleneck and jeans on and then threw a sweatshirt over that…and then I grabbed a lightweight jacket.  I got to the stadium, parked and stayed in my car before getting guts to head inside.  After I sat down, I noticed the group below me was all fans of the other team.  ‘Perfect’ I thought…oh well, to each their own.  There was a time when one member of this ‘group’ yelled out “Let’s go Utes,” I answered with, “Alright Sooners, let’s go!”  Another Utah fan was standing up to my left and just laughed at my counter-reaction.  I just said, “hey, all in good fun.”  His response was refreshing, “I agree….it’s nice.  Sometimes fans can get too involved one way or the other.”  We chatted off and on during the game.  Fortunately, our girls rallied and ended up winning.  When the last inning was played, he turned to me and said, “Well, you have a good night.”  I reached out my hand and said, “You too.  Good game.”  We shook hands and parted ways. 

I love that about fans….keeping it respectful and fun.  When you think about it, we’re there because we enjoying watching a certain sport….sure, we’d love our girls, our team to win…but even if someone from another team gets hurt, yes we’re fans…but more importantly, we’re humans.


4 thoughts on “Good sportsmanship…for fans

    • Thanks Roger! When I find myself about to boo someone or some team…I try and hold my tongue as I don’t like people boo my team.

      Hope you’re doing well.

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