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Inspired by Nadia…

I had begun reading a friend’s post (friend being Nadia) before I went to dinner but didn’t complete it until a few minutes ago after I had gotten home.  I loved it…I love the idea of keeping things in perspective and not getting too comfortable with what you’ve done.  You’ve got to keep going….got to keep seeing what’s out there.  So, with that said, after reading her lists, I was inspired to do one of my own…

25 things I want to do before I die (in no particular order):

1.  Visit Hawaii

2.  Take a helicopter ride

3.  Play in a golf tournament

4.  Attend a Women’s Final Four

5.  Put together a portfolio of pictures I’ve taken

6.  Have a picture of mine on display somewhere (besides on here)

7.  Pay off all my debt

8.  Visit Ireland, England and Scotland

9.  Stay in a B & B in Maine or somewhere off east coast

10.  Attend football game at Notre Dame and Texas A & M

11.  Be able to afford to buy something extravagant for someone else (and maybe myself too) just because I can.

12.  Attend Oprah show and meet Oprah.

13.  Buy a Lexus (only if I can afford to…love the RX-7 models)

14.  Go skiing and snowmobiling in Lake Tahoe

15.  Attend College World Series for softball (that should be accomplished this May)

16.  Own a home

17.  Spoil my best friend’s baby (due this summer….can’t wait!)

18.  Meet Pat Summitt

19.  Visit a lighthouse

20.  Watch one of my nephews’ college games (I’ve got 4 so one of them is bound to play at college level)

21.  Never stop reading

22.  Visit New York City in the Fall

23.  Never pass up an opportunity to say “I love you” to someone I love. (okay, this is an everyday thing)

24.  Do something huge for a complete stranger.

25.  Go scuba diving

Things I’ve already done…

1.  Attended Celine Dion concert in Vegas  (thanks to my sister…the trip was one of my favorite surprises)

2.  Met Sarah Palin

3.  Took a photography class (in progress)

4.  Received my Master’s degree

5.  Attended Joshn Groban concert & Mannheim Steamroller concert

6.  Volunteered on political campaign

7.  Attended LPGA tournament

8.  Wrote a book (well, really it was a ‘tribute’ to my Dad and ‘published’ via my home computer and printer)

9.  Attended two Sweet Sixteens for women’s basketball

10.  Met Marsha Sharp (former head coach at Texas Tech…one of the classiest in business)

11.  Coordinated grammar school reunions

12.  Moved to new city not knowing a soul (to Norman, OK…one of my best decisions)

13.  Delivered pointsettias for Meals on Wheels organization

14.  Worked on house for Habitat for Humanity

15.  Chatted with T. Boone Pickens at football game (he was waiting for an elevator…so conversation was like a minute or two long but still…it’s T.Boone, had to say hi)

16.  Went on a riverboat cruise down Mississippi River

17.  Started a blog…

18.  Participated in a parade

19.  Attended a mission at church

20.  Attended a Bible Study.

21.  Rode back of a motorcycle

22.  Gone horseback riding..

23.  Have my name announced over intercom at airport (almost missed my plane…but didn’t…fun adrenaline rush though)

24.  Tried online dating (no thanks!!!)

25.  Rode ‘Polar Express’ train in Durango, Colorado…it was so much fun as they re-created scene of movie with hot chocolate


8 thoughts on “Inspired by Nadia…

  1. Haahahahaha! There are four things on your list that I’ve done as well: started a blog, worked with Habitat, participated in a parade, tried online dating (YUK!). See, I knew we were sistahs! Fun lists!

  2. I’m really enjoying reading these lists. From yours, I’ve realized I’ve always wanted to ride in a helicopter. Just never realized it until I read your blog today. So…on the list it goes! 🙂

    Oh, and I met Keifer Sutherland (and his entourage) in a Harvey’s Hamburger joint in downtown Toronto. He was surprising pleasant, not at all stuck up or anything. We exchanged pleasantries and that was that.

    Gotta love famous people who turn out to be just normal people.

    Are we going to see a blog about T. Boone Pickens?

    • Hmm, possibly. I was only around him for a few minutes but since you brought it up, it made me think it could possibly turn into a blog.

      • I think you should! I never knew who he was until he did those spots during the campaign. And then I watched him in an interview and he seemed like just the kinda guy I’d like to learn from. I’d love to ask him so many questions. How cool that you met him… I’m jealous! Yes, yes, write a blog! Wolfie’s a smart kinda guy…good idea!

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