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Crazy dream

So do you ever have one of those embarrassing dreams where you wake up in a panic, wondering if that really happened or is a sign of what’s to come?  Well, that was my dream lastnight.  Here’s how it went…(well, at least what I remember).  I’m at the softball field, sitting there with my sister (who lives in San Antonio so highly unlikely she would be there).  We’re watching the girls warm-up and then it hits me, “shoot, I’m supposed to be at the tailgate thing to help sign people in…” I leap up and head toward the event (forgetting to tell my sister she’s welcome to join me).  I walk in the wrong way to the pre-game thing and find my friend from work.  I was like, “where’s all the food, where is everyone?”  She looked at me funny and didn’t have to say anything at all.  Woops, guess I should’ve asked instead of just thinking I knew where I was going.  I hate that….when I don’t ask.  I end up feeling stupid…and looking it too.  Lesson from the crazy dream: to not be a know-it-all. 

Reality of the dream, however, is fortunately that the game hasn’t happened yet…so I haven’t walked in the wrong way or am I running late.  I can think back to the dream and laugh.  Life’s supposed to be full of these lighthearted moments, right?  If we were serious all the time, we’d be too uptight and wouldn’t know how to lighten up.  I am, however, envisioning a very interesting day as it’s very windy out (yes, yes I know…it’s Oklahoma, of course it’s windy)…but it’s also supposed to be about 60 degrees out…definitely a hat day.  I’m looking forward to it…the no. 3 Missouri Tigers are in town….everyone knows by now that I’m all about protecting the home turf. 

Crazy dreams can be disorienting but at least you wake up and realize….it was just a dream.


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