“You know we have your back…”

Not surprisingly, scenes from The Blind Side seem to be having more and more presence in my life than I anticipated.  But, since that has become one of my favorite movies, I have no problem with it.  Have you ever had a moment where you couldn’t help but show someone you’re behind them and support them?  Details into what made me feel this way aren’t important…and frankly, it’s not for me to share.  What’s important is how good it felt telling the person who was targeted that we had their back.  The whole day, leading up to me telling her that, various scenes flashed through my head.  One in particular was where Sandra Bullock goes up to Michael Oher in practice and tells him to protect the family, that if anything were to happen to someone he cared about…that he’d have their back.  That’s how I felt on Thursday.  So I may have had negative emotions in the morning, but then the afternoon came.  When I uttered the words, “Hey, you know we have your back,”  that was followed by “I know you do,”  I smiled and felt nothing but pride.