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Recap of the week

So, I have gotten involved in our softball program this season by donating financially and with my time prior to each game.  I only made it to a few games last year but promised our coach I’d make many more this season.  I’ve really enjoyed  them and getting to know the players and gaining a better understanding of the game.  This past Wednesday, we got revenge on our in-state rival OSU.  It was a sweet game and felt so good to beat them.  There had been some unresolved ‘issues’  and some emotions got heated between the two programs unnecessarily (this relates to “You know we have your back’ posting).  Everyone involved with our program was antsy for Wednesday to come and when it was all said and done, we were so proud of the way our girls handled themselves. 

Another note on softball….I volunteered to play in their golf tournament that will be played in about a week that is one of their fundraisers.  I hadn’t been to the driving range in about a year so I knew I needed to practice.  I went out on Tuesday night and could already feel my rustiness on Wednesday.  I talked with our former golf coach about what I’m doing wrong.  She said my stance was off so hopefully that will eliminate future soreness all over. 

It’s now Saturday and I’ve got a full agenda.  We have an ‘open house’ for our fans to walk through our various facilities so I’ll be heading up to work to help with that shortly.  Following that, I’ll head to the softball game and then cap off the day with our women’s gymnastics banquet.  I’m okay with today being crazy….I’ m getting to do what I enjoy and that’s what life is all about.


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