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Simply good people

I pulled into the softball stadium  today, locked my car and started toward gate.  I then turned back because I decided to leave my jacket in the car.  I fiddled with my keyless entry tab and then just used my key to open the door, threw my jacket inside and re-locked my car and headed toward entrance.  Fast forward about 3.5 hours and I was exiting the stadium.  My car was one of about 4 left on the dirt ‘parking area.’  I looked out at my car, stopping to realize that my trunk was open.  I thought to myself, “Holy crap, I must have accidentally hit that button when re-entering my car earlier….”  I continued walking and then it hit me, “sh–, my golf clubs are in there.”  I started jogginig toward my car only to realize when I got there that everything in my trunk was intact.  Granted, they’re not Callaway or PING golf clubs, but still….the trunk was wide open.  I was lucky but I like to think it’s a testament to the people I’m surrounded by….simply good people.


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