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An adventure awaits

Today I booked my flight to join my family in Baltimore, Maryland.  My cousin and his family live in Frederick so we decided to go out east to visit him.  Everyone but me had booked their flight so I checked that off my to-do list this morning.  I’ve talked about it before but every time my family gets together for a vacation, it always turns into an adventure.  We get lost.  We run out of gas.  We have a flat tire.  Something always happens.  For instance our Europe trip in 1997….it was my oldest sister, me, my Dad and this same cousin we’ll be visiting.  Dan (cousin) took some time off of work to play tour guide.  He had been stationed in Germany for a while so we trusted him….this is where it starts to get interesting.  One episode was where we were standing on the boarding area for a train.  Dan looks up at the sign and says, “okay, this is the right one…get on!”  We’re standing inside the car, huddled together, unsure of what we’re doing….this lady next to us starts yelling in German or some other language.  We all look at her and then at each other, silently thinking, ‘lady, if you’re looking to us for help, you’re worse off than we are.’  Dan,, meanwhile is looking at a train route map.  Being the man he is, can’t admit he was wrong and instead just says, “Get off, get off, get off!”  So we all hop off the train and end up back where we started.  We also made the mistake of letting Dan order food for us.  We pull up to this McDonald’s (still in Europe, mind you) and we give Dan our order.  We pull around to the window and then Dan looks at us and says, “um, I think I just ordered fish sandwiches and coffee.” 

So, in a matter of a few months….we’ll all be together again…only this time there will be more of us.  I can’t help but look back on the Europe trip and laugh until I start crying.  I love memories like that.  Our trips are never boring, that’s for sure.  I know something will happen in Maryland…and I know we’ll all laugh about it for years.


6 thoughts on “An adventure awaits

      • No wonder you have adventures. If you make plans that far in advance, that gives the universe more time to mess with your plans. 8)

  1. Isnt it funny that what we remember most (or that gives us the best laughable or memorable moments) are not so much the tours, the views and such, but the silly-isms? Ha! Cool you’ll be heading on out for your trip — looking forward to the recaps!

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