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The Bachelorette premiere

I’ve got a confession…and yes, I know I may get some ‘oh please, gag me’ from the males who read this.  So, what is it….I watch The Bachelorette.  As I write this, the premiere with Ally is on right now…I’m having to make notes about which guys I like so I can compare with a friend at work who also watches.  So, stay tuned for my notes…..


7 thoughts on “The Bachelorette premiere

  1. I am sorry Mary but I just have to do it.

    ‘oh please, gag me’,
    tie me down and
    spank me, hard
    I am a bad boy!

  2. Mares! You’re worried about the guys? I’m pulling my hair out right now! Uggh, of all the reality shows that’s the ONE I would have guessed you wouldn’t watch! Oh, Mares…what happened? Are your friends forcing you to watch it? You’re taking notes for a dear friend whose like a sister and she broke both her hands and can’t see or hear so you’re providing a service till she gets better? That’s it, right? Oh, you’re such a cool good friend! I totally get it now.


    • Nad, you and Roger are on fire…I’m tearing up, I’m laughing so much. No, the friend at work watches it too….she has both her hands, eyesight, hearing, the whole nine yards….I know, I know…it’s stupid to watch and get involved….but I like to think it’s a little better than ‘Lost’ or that stupid show where people ate bugs or whatever….I’m a sucker for people falling in love. And hello, the guys on here are usually pretty cute. I am a girl after all 😉

      So I’ve just completely thrown you for a loop, eh? You had this nice impression of me and bam, that went out the window?? Please, please say there’s hope for me….;-)

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