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Thank God for cell phones….with GPS

So I decided to go for  drive today.  It was light out, had just filled my car with gas and had nothing but time on my hands.  What could possibly go wrong?  Well….I started west on this side road/mini highway and just began driving and driving.  There were random houses but nothing terribly exciting.  I turned around and then came across this other road that headed north (or so I thought).  I thought to myself, ‘this should take me back toward Norman, no big deal.’  After ‘miles and miles’ of what seemed like an endless road, I got a weird feeling and then thought, ‘crap, I have no idea where I am.’  I would come across random subdivisions with nice houses….but for the most part, not a lot of life if you know what I mean.  I finally pulled over and opened the GPS on my iPhone.  I put in my apartment from current location and then hit the Start button.  I starred at where I was….and where Norman actually was and then couldn’t help but laugh (and call myself an idiot).  As I headed the right way (finally), I became a bit calmer and enjoyed the drive and countryside once again.  When I saw the mileage sign for Norman, I smiled and thought, ‘ahh yes, home…now this looks familiar again.’ 

No harm was done….but word to the wise…don’t leave home without your phone!


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