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Family time

This past Wednesday, I returned from a 4 day visit to Chicago with my parents.  The weather was perfect….mainly in the low 80’s during the day and dropping in the evening.  There was a day where it rained on and off but as my Mom put it, “It’s cool rain so I still don’t care.”  I had three goals going into the trip for my parents: visit with my Mom’s sister & brother-in-law, visit with my Dad’s long-time friend (whom I’ve considered an uncle since I was little) and last but not least, my Dad’s sister.  All three goals were accomplished. 

We arrived on Sunday after both having smooth flights…mine from Oklahoma City and my parents’ from San Antonio.  I got in early and waited at their gate for them to get in.  I wheeled my Dad down to get our luggage and we proceeded to the garage to get our rental car.  Sunday evening we had a great visit as my cousin and his wife hosted us for dinner.  Some other cousins stopped by too which was a nice surprise.  Monday night, we visited with my Dad’s sister and then took her to dinner with my Mom’s sister and her husband.  The place was a great recommendation from my cousin.  It was called Coopershawk.  A really cute winery and restaurant allowed us to have some delicious wine and steak dinner.  I was impressed that my Mom even ordered coffee and dessert after dinner.  Tuesday came with some rains but as I said earlier….it was not humid and so it was a welcome change.  We took a drive to this place we had last visited 11 years ago, Lake Catherine.  It’s a very peaceful lake tucked away in the suburb of Palos Hills.  Being the photographer that I am, I snapped about 20 pictures while my parents took in the view and relaxed on a nearby bench.  Tuesday night brought on dinner with my aunt again and we were accompanied by my Dad’s longtime friend, ‘Uncle Pete.’  I haven’t seen him in a few years but he hasn’t changed much….other than a little more silver in his hair.  He is an absolute blast to be around.  I loved looking across the table and seeing my Dad erupt in laughter after leaning over to Uncle Pete as they reminsced about some story that happened years ago.  The setting was great as well…great food and live music and fun company.  So my sisters would be proud, I snapped some group pictures before we said good-bye. 

The last day of our visit was Wednesday where my Mom & I enjoyed a visit of the grounds of my aunt’s place so my Dad & aunt could get a quality visit.  A few hours later, we stopped at my Mom’s sister’s house to say bye and then headed to the airport.  My parents hung out with me at my gate before it was my time to board. 

It didn’t feel like the time flew by though naturally it’s always hard to leave family members, always wanting to spend a little more time with them.  Trust me, we definitely wanted to postpone returning to 90+ degree weather.  But, the visit came to an end…but not after accomplishing what we came to accomplish.


3 thoughts on “Family time

  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Good for all of you!

    I love your new look here, it is easy for an old guy to read.

  2. Ha, thanks….yea, you know me….always changing it. Glad you like it though.

    Yes, we did have a great time.

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