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Pet peeve…

Just a quick thought….as I was watching the national anthem being performed by Christina Aguilera tonight for Lakers/Celtics game (shout out to you, Carmen ;-)…..I couldn’t help but get irritated at the lack of respect the players have for the national anthem.  Is it really too much to ask for them to stand still and for the American players to show respect by putting hand over their heart for just a few minutes?  This bothers me with college players too.  The friends I sit with at our basketball games knows it drives me crazy (and they agree with me).  Our coach isn’t consistent with it either….well, let me rephrase….our men’s coach.  Coach Coale acts appropriately as do most of the players. 

Am I just too sensitive about this?  I hope not.  It is sad that right after 9/11, a lot of people bought flags, flew their flags with pride and boasted loudly and with passion they were proud to be Americans.  What happened to that?


4 thoughts on “Pet peeve…

    • Thanks Susan. I would add that just a sense of responsibility in general has been lost or tossed to the wayside as sad as that is….or perhaps it simply isn’t being taught anymore.

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