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Holding onto a smell

Yesterday I drove down to Dallas to visit with a friend of mine I’ve known since first grade.  She had a baby about a month ago and I wanted to meet him and deliver some gifts.  Her parents were also in town and her Dad greeted me with a hug when I got there.  I had a great visit and enjoyed holding this precious little person in my arms.  As I was driving back toward Oklahoma, I noticed this scent/fragrance on my shirt.  It was a good smell and seemed familiar to me but couldn’t put my finger on why until later in the evening.  Every so often during the drive, I would get a whiff of it.  Once back home, I was relaxing in my lounger and then it hit me.  The smell was the same cologne as my uncle used to wear.  He passed away many years ago but I just loved that cologne.  My Dad wears it occasionally.  I called my Mom to tell her and she knew what I meant how something like that could stir up memories.  I teased saying I may have to sleep in that shirt.  This all sounds odd but I know we all have certain scents that stir up memories or make us feel a certain way.  Hugging my friend’s Dad yesterday allowed me to have a case of nostalgia and left me with a warm feeling as I drifted off to bed last night.  Until that scent is gone, that shirt won’t be going anywhere near the washer.


One thought on “Holding onto a smell

  1. I love when that happens! For me it happened recently when I walked by a bakery early in the morning — it reminded me of walking along a city street long ago as a child back east. It was so vivid, so very perfect!

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