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Pioneer Woman visits OU

I recently posted about my boss and a co-worker discussing “Pioneer Woman.”  At the time, I was unfamiliar with who exactly they were referring to….only to be educated on her moments later.  I referenced the fact that the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond,  was coming to OU.  I had it on my calendar and probably labeled it as “Important” as if it was some mandatory meeting.  Well, the moment finally happened this afternoon.  A co-worker and one of our student workers and I sat down in anticipation of the energetic, down-to-earth blogger we’d come to love.  Our boss joins us and goes, “I just met Ree! I was standing with so-and-so and then she was next to me…”  Her face lit up as she told us…it was funny and cool at the same time.  A few minutes later, Ree Drummond was introduced.  As she began talking, she made you feel like you had known her for years.  It didn’t take long for the audience of mainly women to break out in laughter, silently thinking, “oh my gosh, I can sooo relate to her.”  Ree talked for about an hour and then took questions.  It was a neat time and glad I have become acquainted with her and her blog. 

Now when someone asks me if I’ve heard of Pioneer Woman, I can say that I have…and she’s inspired me to keep blogging.


6 thoughts on “Pioneer Woman visits OU

  1. So glad you came over and visited my blog! I’ve been trying to visit a new blog every day until the end of the year (just started a few weeks ago) so today you can be my new visit! 🙂 I see we both love Ree’s PW blog. So much fun that you got to meet her! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks Cheryl! I’m glad we both found each other’s blog. I now have you listed as a link so I can visit more often. I love photography and so I gravitate toward blogs with good pictures.

      Hope you have a good holiday as well!

  2. Wow – I would love to see her and get an autographed copy of her cookbook. I wonder how I can find out where her next appearance will be. Such fun – I ususally don’t get ga-ga over celebrities but when I read her blog, it’s like she’s talking to me. I get her! Love your blog – you’re bookmarked! Did ya feel it 🙂 Have a terrific weekend.

    • Thanks Tricia! You are bookmarked as well; of course I felt it, ha! I’d check with the College of Journalism at your local college to see if they are looking to schedule her. That’s who coordinated her visit here.

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