Loving every minute

Yesterday was one of those days where I couldn’t help but be grateful for what I have.  I continue to be reassured that I am indeed where I should be.  My new colleagues, boss and all around environment has given me the confidence I didn’t previously have.  So when my boss stopped outside my office yesterday and asked if she could talk to me, I didn’t freak out internally.  I didn’t immediately think the worst.  I’m comfortable in my own skin.  Okay, I realize what an “Oprah-ism” that was but it’s true.  After I nodded my head and said, “sure,” my boss goes, “okay, let me just get some more coffee and we’ll go to my office…” so I casually went and grabbed a piece of hard candy, chatted a second with our receptionist and then headed to her office.  It was a very good conversation and I ended up getting an opportunity to take on more responsibility.  I felt really confident when I left her office.  I thanked her for having faith in me and she patted me on the back, “You’re welcome…I know you’ll do a great job.”  It was sincere and much appreciated.  It’s such a cool feeling to enjoy coming to work every day.  We’re a group who likes to joke around but yet when things need to get done…we’re all business.  To me, “success” is not about a large salary and prestige, it’s about figuring out your niche….your place where you can make a difference and do something you enjoy. 

  Who knows if this is where I’ll be for the rest of my professional life.  All I know is that right now, I’m loving every minute…