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Confessions from Norman

As I have shared before, I live in Norman, Oklahoma.  I moved here about 5 years  a day for grad school and never left.  After being introduced to the blog, “Confessions of a Pioneer Woman,” I rarely go a day without visiting Ree Drummond’s site.  She cracks me up.  Anyway, I thought it would be neat (though yes, I understand not original) to do my own segment of ‘confessions.’  So, tonight starts the first segment.

I confess that I secretly hope to one day  have my pictures shown in a gallery or even just in a small cafe somewhere.  There is a restaurant here in Norman, Gourmet Deli, that has pictures up taken by local artists.  Well, I’m merely assuming they are local artists.  Nevertheless, they have a name and price listed on them.  Every time I have lunch there, I think, “hmm, maybe one day…” and then I continue to enjoy my turkey melt and then eventually leave.  I think it’d be so cool to see my signature on a picture and have it displayed where more people can see my work. 

That’s my first confession I wanted to share.  I’m not giving up on this dream/idea.  I need to find the time to do something about it-look into what it will take to make it happen.

Future famous (hopefully) photographer (amateur for now) in Norman


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