The Oprah Effect

Sticking with the theme of confessions, here is my latest: I am an Oprah fan and I admit I’m not looking forward to her show being over.  As I watch her last stretch of shows, I feel sad every time she says “okay, goodbye everybody”…knowing that it is only days before she says it for good.  True, she is not going completely away….we’ll still see her.  She’s got her very own network….but it won’t be the same.  We’ve been fixated and blessed with watching her every afternoon….wondering what prophetic phrase she will come up with next, what person’s life will be impacted forever because they were a guest on her show….what audience member will never forget that they were at a taping of The Oprah Show.  So many people have their individual story of how she touched their lives.  As I watched her show today, part 2 of her recent visit with James Frey, various people were on during commercials to say their goodbye.  One person in particular stood out.  Video of when Tyler Perry was on her show years ago made me pause the recording and grab a piece of paper.  This is a quote of what he said to and about her, “When you speak, people’s lives change.”  I loved that!  It is so true though.  Her touch is golden…just think about those whose products have appeared on show.  Books soar up the bestseller lists and people become instantly known because of her.  Sometimes it is not that her words are so profound…but it is her outlet, her platform that transcends everything to another level.  She reaches so many and we are better for it. 

I could go on and on about her.  However, her time is not up….the finale is not here yet.  I want to savor these last few shows.   

If you haven’t ever watched her, you have missed out.  I suggest you set your DVR or Tivo to not miss any more. 

It’s not goodbye yet, so see you tomorrow, Oprah.