I got up at a reasonable hour today (7:20ish) and started with my usual routine of brushing my teeth and then heading into the kitchen to start the coffee.  I went back into my room to turn on the tv and then grabbed my laptop before hopping back onto the bed.  About an hour into working on my personal statement for the Ph.D. program and my assignment for tomorrow’s class, my stomach growling took over.  I set aside my computer and decided on cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Actually, they were twists but essentially cinnamon rolls….just in a different form.  I’m really not a breakfast person and I know that’s REALLY, REALLY bad….and unhealthy.  I know, I know…it’s the “most important meal of the day…” blah, blah, blah.  During the week, I’m just not good at setting aside time to make anything.  I did have two smoothies this week that sort of helped alleviate some hunger.  I’m trying.  Anyway, back to the cinnamon rolls/twists….after 15 short minutes, the dinging of the oven let me know that it was time to dig in….

Bye Week

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching my Sooners whether it’s at home or on tv when they are away from Owen Field.  However, since I work the football games and am usually pretty useless on the Sunday following a home game, I was thrilled this was a bye week for OU.  I knew I would actually have a chance of getting something done.  Last night, I vacuumed my apartment for the first time in well, too long.  I made a mental list of what I wanted to get accomplished this weekend.  These pictures can show it didn’t take me long….the crap was practically screaming at me…


When I get in these moods, I start off very gung-ho.  I tell myself that I’m going to get a lot done….all the surfaces will be clean and I’ll feel so good.  I then turn on the tv to have something to watch in the background.  One of my piles becomes pictures I want framed.  So I get up and find a coupon for Michael’s.  Back to the piles….I see an old magazine with an article about my Dad in it…so I begin reading and become engrossed in it….forgetting about the other piles of crap lying around me.  Naturally, I made the pictures my priority and added a trip to Michael’s to the agenda. 

Another thing I haven’t been to in a few weeks in church so I wanted to make sure I went today. After framing my pictures and doing a load of laundry, I changed for church.  After mass was over, I came home finish the piles. Well, that was the intention….but as of right now, not all the crap is off the counters….but there’s another day to the weekend left to go.  Plus, I have this to consume….