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My Version of Chicken Tetrazzini


While doing errands on Saturday afternoon, I made a stop in Homeland (a small grocery store).  In wondering what to make for dinner (and I do this a lot…the wondering part), I remembered I had some chicken in the freezer.  What happens frequently is that I stop there….I mean, it’s chicken.  It’s not that hard to pair it with something.  Nevertheless, I pulled out my Blackberry and typed in one of my favorite meals, Chicken Tetrazzini.  I’m an intelligent person…surely I can handle this.  I grabbed the items the recipe called for and I made my way to the check out.  I had called my Mom when this idea first started swirling in my head.  I never heard back from her so I was on my own.  This is not usually a good thing. But, I persevered….in other words, I had all the ingredients and figured ‘what the hell.’  I got home and unloaded the groceries.  I kept my Blackberry close by so I could refer to the recipe often and easily. 


       First, I boiled the spaghetti…..


                    Next, I shredded/diced up the chicken (my version of “cubing”)

After the pasta was done cooking, I put in strainer and left in sink.  The next step was to mix 2 cans of  cream of chicken soup, water, and 2 cubes of chicken bouillon together until it boils.  I transferred the pasta to a glass pan and then added the chicken.  Lastly, I poured the soup concoction over the meat and noodles and finished by sprinkling cheddar cheese all over the top.  I set the oven to 350 and when it was ready to bake, I slipped the pan inside.  I have to say that by this time, no smoke alarms had gone off (yes, it’s been known to happen when I cook) and the meal in the oven looked downright  edible. 


                                      And we have the end product…..

 I may have to try this cooking thing more often…..



4 thoughts on “My Version of Chicken Tetrazzini

  1. You know, we work together. It would be a very simple thing to bring me a bite. Just a bite! I’m pretty sure I can cyber-smell it. M-m-m-m.

    • Thanks Cheryl. I actually enjoyed it so am hoping I’ll be encouraged to try to keep this up. Good, so I’m not the only one who creates havoc in ktichen…makes me feel better 😉

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