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Power behind the words “I am”

Tonight’s episode of Oprah’s “Life Class” featured Joel Osteen.  He is one of those large church pastors I don’t mind listening to as he speaks more bluntly than others on tv.  The theme behind tonight’s show was “I AM.” They are two simple words and when they are followed by a phrase such as “I am not fearful,” it becomes a powerful phrase.  The show made me stop and think what would my “I AM” be?  What do I want to change about myself right now?  One of the quotes of Joel Osteen’s I wrote down was this “When you step into your own shoes and your own destiny, that’s when you are going to shine.”  I loved that.  Too many times I have been guilty of comparing myself to other people.  I think about what other people are making, how other people’s relationships are successful, etc… Why? That is not healthy and serves no purpose. Here is part of my “I am” list:

I am going to worry less about what I cannot control and concentrate efforts on what is within my reach.

I am going to make a conscious effort to make smart, thoughtful decisions and remember that other people are impacted by my choices.

One of the viewers who used Skype to be a part of the show talked about having been through a rough time.  Joel Osteen suggested that she remember that “despite a dreary day, the clouds eventually part and the sun breaks through.”  We all go through funks where we think nothing good will come our way.  However, we simply need to remember Osteen’s words and keep our faith. 



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