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The game of basketball is like the game of life.  Sometimes the choices we make are not the right ones or they simply weren’t thought out as carefully as needed.  In life, we call those mistakes, maybe even regrets.  In basketball, these are referred to as the dreaded t-word: turnovers.  Turnovers make coaches cringe.  They signify careless actions, players not being smart.  They are mistakes you can’t take back.  Actions you wish you could’ve done differently.  They are your lost opportunities and gains for the opponent.  How one handles those “turnovers” in their daily life is what says the most about a person.  Coach Sherri Coale frequently references that when her team takes care of the basketball, they win games.    Seems simple but it works.  When you take care of the “little things” in life, you make smarter decisions and are more successful.

I just got home from watching the OU women take on UCLA.  The Sooners lost by only a couple of baskets.  Too many careless possessions caused the game to be out of their reach.  Each time I shook my head tonight when there was another turnover, I thought about the decisions I have made this week.  How many turnovers have I made?  What would or should I have done differently?  If only I had been more careful when the basketball was in my hands….

The fortunate thing for me and the OU women is that tomorrow is another day.  There are plenty of games left to play.  Plenty of time left to make smarter decisions. 

What will you do with your tomorrow? 

Thinking Carefully in Norman


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