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Dear Friends,

At one time or another, I would imagine that all of us have been a part of a surprise.  Maybe we were the recipient of a surprise or were the person who came up with the great idea.  I have been fortunate to have been on both ends of the spectrum.  Normally, I am the person trying to come up with a surprise… some sweet gesture that would make someone’s day that they did not see coming at all.  This week, however, I was the one who didn’t see something coming.  After attending a funeral of a friend’s father, I returned to my car and noticed the light on my phone was flashing indicating a text message.  The text was from my sister and simply read: Can you call me when you have 10 minutes.  Nothing urgent.  I had some time before my doctor’s appointment so before I left the parking lot, I dialed her number.  After exchanging the usual “Hey, what’s up, how are you?”  Kathy proceeded to say that while it was going to be a surprise, she was going to drive up and help me decorate for my work Christmas party.   I couldn’t believe it and can’t help but smile when I think about that conversation.  She was so excited and so we got busy reserving a moving van/truck she could use to haul the furniture a friend of hers is giving me along with some pieces we got at Pottery Barn outlet over Thanksgiving. 

It is now only hours until she arrives.  She is leaving at ungodly hour in the morning so I will be sure to treat her to a delicious and relaxing dinner tomorrow night.  I feel so loved that she would do this for me.  Perhaps I’ll post pictures after we finish decorating.  This may just inspire me to host more parties….


Surprised and blessed in Norman


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