Dear Readers,

Are any of you all in the process of dating right now?  

Tomorrow I have an appointment for a haircut and then afterwards I am meeting a guy for coffee.  This is not a “blind” meeting as we both know what each other looks like.  We just haven’t met in person before. For most of my life, dating has been a foreign concept to me.  It’s not that I wasn’t interested…I just didn’t make it a priority.  What’s changed now?  Timing.   I want the company, the partnership, the support….and I feel I finally can contribute to a relationship. Continue reading


Random idea

Dear Friends,

As I may have mentioned, I live in Norman, Oklahoma and have for the past six years.  If you are reading this blog, you know I love to write. 

Well, an idea hit me yesterday that I could combine the two subjects, Norman and writing.  When I get involved in a project like this, I give it my full attention.  So for most of yesterday, I was on my laptop tapping my fingers, trying to match the speed of my thoughts.  I would welcome your thoughts on this book idea.  Here are my goals/ideas for the book in no particular order:

  • Share how great of a town Norman is (sorry to end with “is”…I know that breaks many English rules)
  • Incorporate stories of famous or well-known people who were born here (regardless of whether they are still here or not)
  • Share pictures I have taken on random road excursions and weather/seasonal-related
  • Educate people about businesses that have chosen to call Norman home
  • Tell readers how I came upon Norman and my first impression of the town

Long story short, Norman has so many great qualities that have helped me call it home.  It is a great small town and I want people to know there is more to Norman than being affiliated with OU.  So that is my random idea…

Any thoughts?

Happy Norman Resident