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Dear Readers,

Are any of you all in the process of dating right now?  

Tomorrow I have an appointment for a haircut and then afterwards I am meeting a guy for coffee.  This is not a “blind” meeting as we both know what each other looks like.  We just haven’t met in person before. For most of my life, dating has been a foreign concept to me.  It’s not that I wasn’t interested…I just didn’t make it a priority.  What’s changed now?  Timing.   I want the company, the partnership, the support….and I feel I finally can contribute to a relationship.I have a great job, good friends, involved in the community, have a house….but that something is missing.  So, tomorrow, we shall try once again…to venture out and be vulnerable.  E-mails are one thing but what will it be like when we talk in person….hmm, to be continued….

The mystery continues in Norman


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