Dedication or Insanity?

When the new OU Softball game time was announced, I made sure to mark off my calendar so I could make the home opener.  I kept thinking to myself that a 3:15 game start, on top of the windy and cold conditions, would not draw a large crowd.  With it being Friday, this was understandable.  As Jenkins St. began to come into my view from Constitution, my eyes immediately went toward the softball field.  I just smiled as there were already a large amount of cars in the parking lot.  There was no question in my mind our fans were ready to see this team in action….and to have our girls back home.    I was armed with multiple layers and a blanket.  I headed toward the stadium and was greeted immediately by friends.   I saw Jessica Shults’ grandmother and stopped to give her a hug. The seat next to her was open so I joined her.  As we sat huddled together, ready to cheer on our girls, we chatted about rankings, movies and when in the world will the wind stop??

The wind never died down…and as each inning went by, my feet got more and more numb.  But I was not about to leave or miss this game.  This is not only the #1 team in the country, but this is a special group of young ladies whose talent is simply fun to watch.  When the game ended, I heard a fellow booster club member say “Gosh, are we crazy for coming out here in this weather?”  I just smiled, looked at her and replied “Dedicated sounds a little better…but all worth it.” 

I was so impressed with the crowd as was Coach Gasso who mentioned it during her press conference.   

Is there something that you are that dedicated to where you wouldn’t let poor weather conditions or anything stop you from being a part of the action?

Dedicated in Norman