A Steadfast Sooner Taken Too Soon

Steadfast.  This was the word that Mike Butler used to describe his best friend, Karl Moyer, during the “celebration of Karl’s life” today.  Though I only knew Karl for 7 years, he still made an impression on me.  I have tried to process, unsuccessfully I might add, his untimely death.  Nevertheless, different memories have flashed through my head and I can’t help but smile.

While I do not disagree with Mike’s word association for Karl, something different comes to my mind: sports.  Before I gave them up, I had season tickets to men’s basketball and sat right below Karl and Terri.  At our first game together, Karl started yelling at the refs and Terri sweetly put her hand on my shoulder and apologized.  I just laughed, shook my head and dismissed her apology saying it didn’t bother me at all.  Having grown up with my Dad who shouts at the talk show hosts as if they can hear him, I knew we would get along well.

Whether it was sitting with Terri and Karl at games or hearing them make plans for dinner, I could easily see that they were perfect for each other.  Karl would frequently drop Terri off at the front of Lloyd Noble while he went to park the car.  Terri would get snacks they both liked and lovingly went along when he was ready to leave a game early.  I laugh when I think back to one game where Karl leaned down and shared with me that he was going to get Terri an iPhone for Christmas.  For those of you attended Karl’s funeral (or simply know him well) know he’s all about the gadgets….but Terri doesn’t always make them a priority.  I thought it was sweet that he was so excited about it and was certain she’d feel the same way.  Though she had a perfectly good Razor flip phone at the time, she ended up warming up to the iPhone fairly quick.

The first time I saw Karl on campus after he got a job with Physical Plant, he gave me a big hug and had this huge smile on his face.  When I saw Terri for a lunch date shortly after that and asked how he was liking his new job, she said “Oh my gosh, he loves it!  He thought it was so neat getting to go up to the press box on game day.”

Terri and Karl are the type of people you would do anything for and vice versa.  Though my heart breaks for her and the girls, I simply have to trust that this was a part of God’s plan. Every time we are around the girls, we will get to see Karl in their mannerisms, facial expressions and certainly physical resemblance.  Those who are able to call the Moyers their friends are forever blessed.  As Mike Butler said, the relationships we have are what ultimately make a life whole and fulfilled.