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What Do You Have To Show For It?

Dear Readers,

We attend church as we have for most of our lives, we confess our sins and try to do as God would want.  What is the point-is it really worthwhile?  Even with all of that, what do we have to show for it?  That was the situation and question posed to the congregation by Fr. Wood at mass today.  If that didn’t get and hold one’s attention, you must have been hundreds of miles away.  For someone who has just recently gotten back into attending church on a regular basis, I appreciated this homily.  For a while, I was that person who questioned what I was getting out of mass, why should I bother, I’m not really seeing the point.  I even attended a few services at my best friend’s church and enjoyed them.  At the same time, I was torn, like I was turning my back on the way I was raised.  This is silly as I was still acting like a Christian and my faith in God never wavered. I didn’t stop being Catholic.

My answer to the question that Fr. Wood posed would be pretty simple.  To me, you get what you give.  Sometimes God answers us with people he feels should be in our lives.  Sometimes he answers us with a challenge which could be professional, family or even health.  Most of the time, he reminds us that it is not about us as individuals.  Our actions have consequences and affect those around us in one way or another. God will always have our back.  He will help us through the tough times and celebrate the good times.  If you don’t have his back, how can you expect to receive?

I thank God every day for what he has given me…whether that is for the people in my life or even the challenges I have faced. The challenges do something for me just like the blessings make me richer.  So if you are ever frustrated like I was, step back and think about what you have put into the equation. 



3 thoughts on “What Do You Have To Show For It?

  1. Hi Mares! Not sure I agree that you get what you give, but I WANT to believe that (I really do!). As far as my take on Fr. Wood’s question I guess I would say that its not about God as much as its about fundamentally who I am as a person. I believe if I get up every day and do the best I can no matter what is put in-front of me, then I am living my best possible life. And IN that being more “Christ” like – for the Atheist among us – being a good decent person. I believe that has to be its own reward. And yeah, sometimes it feels like not enough or unfair — especially in the struggle of it all, but I don’t believe God is waiting on us to do good to reward us somehow. There is no “quid-pro-qua” sort of speak. . God gave us choice, gave us all the tools we need. And I believe God loves me regardless. Even when I do wrong. It’s hard to believe what I believe because it means no matter how grateful I am, no matter what I do, I don’t expect the Lord to reward me with gifts. But, it also takes the responsibility off of God to make my life what I know it should be. It makes me responsible. And for me that works out just fine.

    Though…. if I was wrong? I would totally like the idea that you get what you give. Cuz, forgive me, but if that’s the case, the good Lord owes me BIG TIME! 😉

    • Hey sister!

      All I was referring to, and perhaps it didn’t come out this way, was that it bothers me when people only think of themselves and yet when something bad happens, they blame others or do the “Why me” bit. Sometimes as we know bad things just happen. There is no rhyme or reason and it’s frustrating as hell. Other instances, we are blessed with people that come into our lives to better us. I see that as a “reward” from God because we keep fighting, doing good deeds just because, etc… No, I don’t believe God is waiting on us to do good in order to reward us. Sometimes when we begin to “coast” though, we may get handed a challenge to wake us up. All just my opinion.


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