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Pumpkin Decorating at Work

Are you one of those people who is not creative at all?  Like when you’re invited to some sort of decorating party, you start to have a panic attack and find some reason to not make it?  Well, I’m not that bad, but pretty darn close.  I have little to no creative bone in my body.  My mother, God love her, is known for one artistic talent: drawing palm trees…well, and she can do some awesome stick figures.  My Dad is the artist in the family and has drawn some amazing pictures.  The details he incorporates are fantastic.  I’m more of a photography girl…give me a camera and I will start snapping away.  So where did all this come from you wonder?  Well, for the October birthdays in our office, we once again did pumpkin decorating.  Naturally, all the women in the office were on Pinterest to get ideas.  As soon as I was armed with a cup of coffee, I was on Pinterest looking for ideas.  I finally found something that looked somewhat easy and that I liked.  At my table sat my friend and co-worker had a cute idea of a football and hers came out great (oh, and being a mom helps….really, that’s just an unfair advantage) and my other co-worker (who shares my thinking which is scary in and of itself) was also sort of struggling.  It didn’t take Rick and I long to both say, “Um, I think I’ll be taking mine out of the voting.”  The original idea I had was this:


argyle pumpkin

I started off fine, painting my pumpkin all white and then let it begin drying.  Then it was the waiting game…..I hate waiting.  I’m not a very patient person (I get that from my Dad, but clearly not his artistic abilities).  When I felt the pumpkin was dry enough, I thought I’d “attempt” my design.  I didn’t want to use orange and black because that reminded me of Oklahoma State’s colors.  Erin, the aforementioned mom/friend/co-worker suggested our school colors red and white or crimson and cream.  I chose blue and green because I love those two colors together and they reminded me of the argyle style. I started painting the diamond shapes, stopped and cringed.  I wanted to scream “Does that look like a diamond, you idiot?”  But that would probably warrant being sent home from work.  I continued painting as if my irregular shaped design was exactly what I had planned all along.  As I came toward the meeting of the two sides, I found a gap that would result in the next diamond being the same color as previous…peachy!  So I decided to just put the letters R L for Ralph Lauren in that space.  The dash marks were next and as I began those, I again gave myself too much credit as those turned out to be disaster too.  So I repainted those white.  Then the smearing appeared….sheesh, when will the nightmare end.  I kept thinking, “Hmm, is it too late to start over?  Would they notice if I trashed mine and then disappeared?  Whose silly idea was this anyway?”  I decided the “diamonds” which were really just fat circles looked ridiculous.  I picked up my brush and filled in the green and blue all the way down so it became a green and blue striped pumpkin.  Where was I going with this….wow, blue and green stripes, what an earth-shattering concept?  I know you’re dying to know the end result, so here we go:

my pumpkin

                                                                                                                                                       They almost look identical, don’t they?  NOT!

I like being a team player and all….but ugh, I’m glad this little bonding moment is over.  I’m more of a “let’s gather around the table and eat” type of person.  I’m much better at that.  However, Halloween is a few days away and this was a fun way of getting our minds off work and bringing out our creative sides (present company excluded….and not offended).

Here are the final masterpieces.  Notice the basketball and doughnut (top row, last one and front row, middle)…those are my favorites.  I applaud those people …simple, yet cute.  Note to self: sit next to those people next year and copy them.

                                                                                                                                           Here’s everyone’s masterpiece:

  groupHappy Halloween!

Creatively challenged in Norman


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