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Finally Friday: Recap from Halloween Week

What a blur this week has been.  I’m starting a “week recap” posting that will take place every Friday.  So to christen things, here is a recap of this week’s events:

Monday: To celebrate the October birthdays, we painted pumpkins.  Some in the office get REALLY into this event.   As stated in my posting Monday afternoon, I am not one of those people.  Nevertheless, it was fun activity we could all do together that could take our mind off work for a while.

Tuesday:   This day consisted of a flu shot in the morning and then an outing with a colleague to visit AAA in Oklahoma City.  We left a little early so we could take an excursion to the outlet shops to purchase a lab coat for one of our Halloween costumes.  After that, we made our way toward AAA but stopped at BJ’s for lunch first.  So we would have enough energy and not fall asleep, we made a Starbucks run before finally arriving at our meeting.  The two representatives were nice enough to give us a tour and then we moved to a conference room to watch some videos and visit about recruiting strategies.  As a treat for us, they had brought cupcakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  Oh my gosh, yummy.  Mine was red velvet and was delish!!  We really enjoyed not only being able to escape the office for a bit but also get to know the company better and learn of opportunities for our students.

Wednesday: This was a fairly normal day.  I had a student appointment in the morning and then taught a Gateway class in afternoon.  It’s always nice to get in front of freshmen and get their take on college life.  Oh, to be that young again….

Thursday: Ahh, staff meeting days….our office tends to sign every time Thursday rolls around.  We never know how long our meetings will last.  As usual, this one got off on random tangents and what should take 5 minutes to discuss ends up going way past that time allotment.  Thursday evening, I could be found at one of my favorite places on campus: Lloyd Noble Center.  Anyone who knows me well knows that basketball is my sport.   The women’s basketball team was holding a scrimmage and was free to the public.  I sat next to a fellow softball fan so we chatted while cheering on the team.  Coach Coale was gracious enough to recognize certain individuals and acknowledge her appreciation of the crowd and fans.

Friday: That would be today…Halloween.  So this is the second year that our office has dressed up for Halloween.  I’m really not into this sort of thing but thanks to my co-worker/friend Erin, we came up with a crafty idea.  Seeing as how we are the Assistant Directors for Arts & Sciences students, we chose to dress up as just that-part Sciences, part Arts.  I borrowed a clapboard from a Film & Media professor, brought reading glasses, a credential badge and an old bound textbook to act as my script.  Erin dressed up as a mad scientist and looked awesome.

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween!

Pseudo Movie Director in Norman


2 thoughts on “Finally Friday: Recap from Halloween Week

  1. Thanks, my friend. The recaps idea is a way to get in habit of writing more often. Happy to nag, I mean remind you 😉 Have a great weekend as well!

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