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Finally Friday: Off Week

This weekend is a weekend where the OU Football team plays away from home and therefore, allows me to get some other things done. I work the home games so my personal time revolves around the home schedule. What tomorrow means to me is sleeping in….and having two cups of coffee and relaxing in my bed. I do have to work for a few hours in the afternoon but otherwise, nothing planned and I’m good with that.

Once again, this week passed in a blur. The weather was cold most of the week which, for the most part, I enjoyed. I don’t, however, like walking to and from my car in 30 degree temps. Tuesday was Veteran’s Day, a day we honor the men and women that have served our country so we can have our freedom. There was a ceremony on the OU campus in the morning and I made a point of getting to work in time to make it. As cold as it was and as tempting as it was to stay in the warm office, myself and a few colleagues braved the cold temps and attended. I kept thinking of my Dad who served in the Korean War and cousins who have selflessly given their time to the Marne Corp, among the countless others who are a part of our military. I said multiple times when asked if I was going, “It’s the least I can do.” President Boren spoke briefly (though he admitted his original remarks came out to over an hour) and then all who were gathered there were given an American flag to post around the flagpole. I felt good about going and am glad we did.

Wednesday evening, I was able to attend the 60 year anniversary of the Oklahoma FCA at Crossings Community Church. My best friend’s husband was the emcee and did a stellar job as always. What a neat group of people in attendance. Kenny Mossman (aforementioned emcee) introduced former Congressman and OU alum J.C. Watts after we heard the talented home run queen Lauren Chamberlain sing the national anthem. Wow, what a voice! I had never heard Congressman Watts speak and was impressed and enjoyed him introduce the keynote speaker, Dr. Condoleezza Rice. Oh my gosh, what a fantastic woman and role model! What a career she has had: National Security Adviser, Secretary of State and Provost at a large institution….not to mention being on the Football Bowl Selection Committee-not a bad resume in my book. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Dr. Rice discuss her faith and how it plays a role in her life. She is such a class act and was very inspirational. I loved how unapologetic she is about her faith and that she pushes others to discuss and embrace it.

Other than a staff tour of the OU library yesterday, this brings us to today. Ahh, Friday….the day my colleague and friend Erin have had circled on our calendars for a while. Why you ask….because today was the day tickets for Garth Brooks concert in Tulsa went on sale. Due to my speaking in a class in the morning, Erin and another friend Terri were tasked with getting tickets. When I returned from the class, I stopped in Erin’s office only to find her chatting it up with Terri as if they were longtime friends. I couldn’t help but smile. What we were hoping would go fairly smooth turned into quite an ordeal. Just as the timer turned to less than a minute of wait time, the message popped up saying there were no tickets left. As Terri and Erin clicked and waited patiently, I scrolled through Twitter to see if other people were having as hard of a time. At one point, I screamed, “Oh my God, he added 3 more shows!!” So we switched our search to the earlier dates and then encountered more waiting and more glitches. Just as we began to lose hope, I returned to my office and tried on my computer. I began looking on my phone as well. Fortunately, our patience paid off as I was finally able to secure tickets. What an ordeal! But…this is Garth Brooks…someone who hasn’t done a full-blown tour in over 17 years. He puts on a hell of a live show and we are so pumped. We’re in for one fun girls night out!

Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood, Oklahoma Memorial Stadium 2013

I start the weekend on a high note. I’m so blessed to live in a state that has four seasons and allows me to enjoy fall (even if it feels like winter right now) and be surrounded by friends who make me feel so rich. I am where I am supposed to be and I am grateful.

Happy Weekend to all!


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