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Book Review: Forever Christmas by Robert Tate Miller

forever christmasThis is a wonderfully written story about a second chance at life.  Readers follow the couple Andrew and Beth Farmer along their journey.  Childhood sweethearts, Andrew and Beth have been married a long time.  We come to find out Andrew is also married to his job as a literary book agent.  Beth’s career fulfills her but doesn’t drive her like Andrew’s.  This puts a damper on Beth’s desire to have children.  Andrew is visited by an angel who tells him that he has 3 days to make things right before his life will dramatically change.  Prior to this, Andrew’s life is consumed with work and consequently puts his marriage second.  Now, Andrew shifts his priorities and devotes the next 3 days to his wife.  After telling her they can spend the next 72 hours wherever she wants, he never thought she’d say his home town of River Falls.  But because he made a promise, they go there.  While visiting, they run into old high school classmates who are now living in Andrew’s childhood home.  This brings back difficult memories for him but for Beth, he forges ahead.  Andrew also learns that his estranged father has moved back to River Falls and has resided in a nursing home.  Not wanting to have anything to do with him, Beth convinces him to at least go see his father.  Andrew finds that during the 3 days, various people are disguised as angels who remind him of what’s at stake and this causes an internal fight within Andrew.  During this time, he realizes what he has not appreciated in his life and wants to rekindle the love he has for his wife.  He wants to stall the inevitable but the angels silently tell him that’s not possible.

This is a beautiful story of love, forgiveness, support and teaches us to value what we have right in front of us because we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Happy Reading!


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